If any user is looking for a router that contains a bandwidth of 5GHz, beam forming antennae, and control over the devices connected to the network, then Netgear Smart Wi-Fi is the connection for them. This router provides extensive network support and inexpensive band connections. For the most elements, setting up the Netgear router is pretty straight-forward. However, there are times when the user faces issues with its password. They are unable to regain it once forgotten or lost.  In this blog, we are providing instructions on how you can simply regain the Netgear Wi-Fi password. The user can simply contact Netgear Customer Service team for detailed assistance and help.

If the user is having trouble facing with Netgear Wi-Fi error code 651 then go through my article post to learn how to resolve Netgear Wi-Fi error code 651. Netgear router password can be retained by the following steps.

Steps to regain the Wi-Fi password or network name

  • Start your Internet browser and type router login in the search bar or the address bar.
  • Start by typing in the router user name and password when implied.
  • The user should be aware of the fact that the default user name is admin. The default password has to be password.
  • Now tap the option which says ok.
  • The screen would display a basic home page displays, now tap on the option that says wireless.
  • Now start by entering the new network name in the option that says the name field.
  • Next, the user needs to enter the new password in the Password fields.
  • The user now needs to tap on the option that says apply.
  • The changes are saved.

After getting the password user can enhance the router performance by Netgear Router firmware update with simple steps. Now, there might be chances that the user may need to regain the admin password as well, therefore here are some tips which the user can use.

How to regain admin password using the password recovery feature

  • The user needs to start a web browser from the system they are using that is connected to the Netgear wireless router network.
  • Some of the most common web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  • The user now needs to type in the router login on the search bar into the web browser’s address bar.
  • A login window would be displayed; the user now needs to tap the option which says cancel.
  • They would see a router password recovery window that would be displayed on the screen.
  • The user now needs to add the router’s serial number.
  • To obtain the router’s serial number, the user can view “how do I find my NETGEAR home product’s serial number” on the search bar.
  • Now the user needs to continue and answer all the security questions.
  • If the user cannot answer the security questions, see the option that says “How do I perform a factory reset on my NETGEAR router” and then tap on the option that says continue.
  • The admin password displays.

If the user still has issues with the password recovery and they cannot change with the help of these steps then the user can contact the Netgear Customer Service Number. The experts would help the user with all the guidance and necessary help.