How to Find the Wireless Network Password or PIN to Connect an HP Printer?

Did you experience hard time to connect hp printer to Wi-Fi network?  There are several reason exist some of them may be of your printer might be in a sleep mode, unstable network connection or an irrelevant printer setup or any hardware issue. Whatever might be the culprit, we are here to solve your problem and help you connect with your printer with ease.

In the course of the journey, you might know how to find HP printer wifi password to make the wireless connection. In this article, we will discuss the every available option that describes getting the Wi-Fi PIN to establish a seamless connection between your system and the printer.

The number of ways available to get the wireless network password or PIN to connect an HP printer:

Solution 1: steps to find the wireless network password from iOS and iPad OS

  • First turn on your iPad or iPhone
  • Then navigate to the Settings
  • In the following screen, choose your name from the top of the list
  • Next tap on the iCloud option
  • Then select Passwords and Keychain or the Keychain 
  • Now click on Sync this iPhone option
  • Or you can choose iCloud Keychain option
  • Next connect your Mac to the internet
  • Then wait for few minutes to complete the keychain settings sync process
  • Now tap on the spotlight icon, from there, search and open the Keychain Access
  • Then under System Keychains, choose systems option
  • In the following screen, double tap on your network name, this will open the keychain settings option
  • After that check the show password checkbox
  • Followed by that enter you’re your Apple ID or the touch ID, if prompted
  • Now enter your Mac credentials, including username and password
  • Then click Allow

Solution 2: steps to find the wireless network password from Android

  • Initially, open the Wi-Fi menu from your mobile
  • Then click on the saved networks option
  • From the list of available network name choose your wireless network name
  • Next click share and enter the network password
  • Now under the QR code, you can find the Wi-Fi password

Solution 3: steps to find the wireless network password from macOS

  • First tap on the spotlight icon from your Mac desktop
  • Then search and open the Keychain Access
  • Now under system key chains, choose system
  • From the list of available network name, double-click on your wireless network name
  • This will open the Keychain settings
  • Now choose the check box next to show password text box
  • You might need to enter your Apple ID
  • Next the Apple admin username and password
  • And tap on the Allow option

Solution 4: steps to find the wireless network password from Windows

  • Initially from your windows computer, search the Wi-Fi settings and open the same
  • Now under the related settings, tap Change adapter options
  • Then from the list of available network name choose your wireless network name
  • Right-click on the network name and click on the status option
  • Then beneath the connection, choose wireless properties
  • Now tap on the security tab and choose Show Characters option

Solution 5: steps to find the wireless network password from the router

  • Initially you have to find the router product description label on the product
  • You can find that in the bottom of the product
  • You can possibly find the password under or near the SSID or Wireless Network Name
  • The Wireless Network Name can be named as Network Key, Network Password, or Wi-Fi Password
  • In case, if you couldn’t find out the password from the router label, check the documents that came with the router to find them out real quick

Troubleshooting printer reconnection with recent password change:

Once you have changed the network or your router password, it is necessary to change those credentials also.

  • For the printer with touchscreen control panel, click on the setup
  • Then network and the wireless settings menu
  • In the following screen, choose Wireless Setup Wizard option
  • You have to enter the username and password to proceed
  • Then follow the displayed instructions to complete
  • For printer without control panel, you have to press and hold the wireless button
  • You have to hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds, until you see the wireless light begin to blink in the printer control panel
  • Then within 2 minutes you have to press the WPS button the router
  • If you miss the chance within 2 minutes, you have to restore the default settings which you must keep in mind while setting up the network connection
  • Once the connection been established between the printer and the device, you can see the steady wireless light from the printer control panel
  • For the Tango and certain Desktop type of printers, follow the below steps
  • Initially, press the power and the Wi-Fi button from the printer backside for nearly 5 to 10 seconds
  • You have to continue pressing the Wi-Fi button until you see the blue button blinking in the printer
  • Then within 2 minutes you have to press the WPS button the router
  • Once the blue light stop flashing, you can confirm that there is a seamless network connection established between the devices

You may need to restart you devices or print a wireless report to find the issue that hinder the connection establishment.

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How to do First-Time Setup for HP Tango Printers?

Are you one of the users struggling for HP Tango printer setup for the first time? Fret not, we got your back with this article. In this article, we will cover end-to-end setup installation steps and guidelines in a user-friendly manner for you to follow easily. Ready to learn more, read along with us.

General instruction before starting with the HP Tango printer setup process:

  • Once you got the printer box, carefully unbox it
  • Take the printer and keep it in an even surface
  • Remove the power cord and other paper that came along the printer box secured for future use
  • Keep in mind to recycle the packaging materials
  • Check the scanner glass, paper tray, and ink cartridges for unwanted papers and remove them
  • Now open the input tray and adjust the paper width guide
  • Then take a fresh stack of paper and insert them
  • Now adjust the paper width guide to make them in position
  • Next thing is to open the ink cartridge access door
  • You must wait until the carriage moves and remains idle in a position

Once it becomes silent, take your ink cartridges out from the package and insert them into the printer. Make sure you are not touching any copper contact while inserting them since it may cause permanent damage to those cartridges. Push the cartridges into the slot until it gets lock into its position. Keep in mind to put the respective color in its slot. Then wait for the printer to print an alignment page.

Prepare for the wireless connection setup with your Hp tango printer:

  • Initially make sure that your printer and the computer/mobile device is connected to the same local network.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is seamless
  • Then check that your computer and router are active and not in an idle state
  • Your printer must be set with adequate ink and paper loaded into it
  • Make sure to place your computer or any device close to the router and not farer than 6 feet

Hp tango printer network connection setup:

There are number of methods available for the HP Tango to establish a wireless connection with your device. We will explain some of the few that could help you with your situation.

Option 1: Establish a wireless connection with Wi-Fi Direct

When you don’t have local Wi-Fi network available, you can opt for Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Initially you have to get the Wi-Fi Direct printer name,
    • For printer with control panel, tap on the  Wi-Fi Direct icon
    • This will help you view the Wi-Fi Direct name and password
    • Then from the Reports, choose to print a Network Summary or Network Configuration page
    • Note down the name and password from the Wi-Fi Direct session
  • For printer with buttons, press and hold the information button
    • Then hold the Wi-Fi Direct button for few seconds
    • Next press and hold the Information along with the Wi-Fi Direct button
    • Press and hold the resume button of the printer that will print the required report
  • Now from the windows search for Printers and Scanners option
  • Then tap on the Add a printer or scanner option
  • Now chooseShow Wi-Fi Direct printers
  • Then choose the printer name that start with Direct in front of its name
  • Next tap on the Add Device option and note down the PIN that displayed on the printer control panel
  • Then you must enter the PIN within 90 seconds followed by clicking the Next button
  • Now choose your printer name with Direct in front of its name
  • Once done, choose a document to print, click file and choose print

Option 2: Establish a wireless connection with HP Smart app on windows

  • Initially turn on your printer
  • Then from your computer, navigate to the HP official site and download the HP Smart app in your system
  • From your printer, tap on the wireless button for few seconds and you can see the flashing blue light from the printer
  • Then from your computer, open the HP Smart app and click on the plus sign
  • From the list of available devices, choose your printer name and click continue
  • In the following prompt, enter the Wi-Fi password and click continue
  • Once the connection has established, click continue
  • Simply follow the online instruction displayed on the screen to complete the connection establishment process
  • You can confirm the Wi-Fi establishment between your system and the network with the conversion of solid blue light from the blinking one

Option 3: Establish a wireless connection with HP Smart app on Android

  • Initially from your Android device, turn on your Bluetooth feature
  • Then from the playstore or eth HP official site, download and install the HP Smart app
  • Now from your printer press and hold the wireless button for few seconds
  • Then navigate to your Android device and open the HP Smart app
  • Now click the plus sign on the app and tap on the Add printer option
  • From the list of available printer name, chose your printer name along with the model number
  • In the following screen, you will be prompted to enter the WEP or WPA key which is the network password
  • Once the printer has established the connection with the printer and the system, follow the instruction to complete the setup process
  • You can confirm the Wi-Fi establishment between your system and the network with the conversion of solid blue light from the blinking one.

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How to do HP Printer Wireless Setup with HP Smart?

Looking for an app to proceed for how to connect hp printer to wifi network, you will need to know about this HP Smart app. Further, this app allows to print, scan and share file from anywhere at any time. Read along to know about many cool feature of this app with simple and effective instructions with us.

Benefits of having HP smart app:

  • Copy, print, fax and scan files from anywhere with HP smart app
  • Print and manage with any network connection
  • One-touch shortcuts improves productivity
  • Creating high quality scans will never be a problem anymore
  • Seamless HP printer setup process

HP Smart Printer Setup

Installing HP smart app in the device you are going to print from lets you print, scan and fax from anywhere.

General requirements for the HP smart app:

  • Initially make sure that your HP Printer supports HP Smart app
  • Then check whether your device is connected to an active internet connection
  • That device and the printer must be connected to a same network either over a USB or the network method
  • The compatibility of the HP Smart app depends on the OS version
  • If it is Windows the OS  must be Windows 11 version 21H2 and later
  • If it is Windows OS  must be Windows 11 version 21H2 and later
  • If it is macOS the OS  must be 10.14 and later 

Steps to install the HP Smart app:

  • First download the HP Smart app in your device from the official HP printer site
  • Next create an HP account to access every printer function
  • Then sign in to that HP account
  • You may or may not be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account
  • You can sign in or skip it for later

Wireless network connection preparation guidelines:

  • Initially place your device closer to your Wi-Fi router
  • Then turn on the Wi-Fi settings on your phone or the computer that you are trying to make the connection
  • Make sure no Ethernet cable is connected to your computer
  • Then update your computer and make sure you are not missing any crucial updates
  • Next turn on the Bluetooth facility for your HP Smart app to detect your printer
  • Now turn on the location in your mobile or the system for your system to detect the printer during printer Setup
  • You may receive several printer names make sure not to choose the printer name containing DIRECT in front of it

Steps to access HP smart app:

  • Initially open the HP Smart app
  • Wait for the app to detect the HP Printer to continue with the HP Printer Setup
  • Next click on the plus symbol or the Add Printer option to add your printer to the application
  • Depends on the connection type, choose between USB, wireless or network
  • If you couldn’t find your printer, then you can restore the Wi-Fi setup mode
    • For that, navigate to your printer
    • Click on the setup icon
    • Choose Network setup and select the Restore Network Settings
    • Wait for 2 hours and open the app to continue with the HP Smart Printer Setup
    • Now simply follow the displayed online instructions to complete the Printer Setup.

Setting HP smart app:

  • Initially tap on the star menu to create a HP Smart app shortcut
  • In the following list choose HP Smart app
  • Now right-click on the app to choose between Pin to Start and Pin to taskbar
  • To create shortcut, click on the HP Smart app icon and drag it to the desktop

HP Smart features

Diagnose and fix:

  • Utilize the troubleshooting tool present in the HP Smart app to troubleshoot any HP Printer Setup issues.

Manage printer:

  • Choose the picture that you want to adjust the preferences
  • Next choose the printer status to continue

To make your printer more secure:

  • Initially check whether that your device and the printer are connected to a secured Wi-Fi connection
  • Don’t connect your printer to any vulnerable public connection
  • Always use a strong password to your network
  • Also make sure to change them frequently
  • Make a unique name for your printer as it may difficult to identify your printer in a list of printers
  • You can limit access to unwanted application
  • Always make a check and limit access to apps like HP ePrint and Print Anywhere

To copy:

  • From the home screen, tap on the copy tile
  • The camera of the device can be used to take a photo
  • Now choose the size and number of copies
  • You can also choose the color or black print option

To Fax:

  • HP Smart allows to fax your documents securely forward to the fax machine or the fax supporting printer

To scan:

  • Initially choose to print from the feeder or the scanner glass
  • Now capture the document from your device
  • Then use any editing tool to make any adjustment
  • Then you can choose to save, print or share based on your preference

To print:

  • Utilize the Wi-Fi or mobile network of your mobile to print the files from anywhere.
  • From the home screen, choose the print job
  • Now choose the print item
  • Edit the item if need with the photo editing tools
  • You can also adjust the print job settings to continue with the print job

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How Can I Install New HP Officejet Pro 9015 Series Printer?

The first-time setup- installation for HP Officejet Pro 9015 series printers is covered here. This document applies to the HP Officejet Pro 9010, 9015, 9018, 9020, and 9025 all-in-one printer family.


Step-1 Remove the packaging materials from your printer and unbox it.

To begin, open the printer’s box. Then take out the user guide and the ink cartridges that come with it. Remove the printer device from the packaging box now. Next, Remove the foam from both sides of the printer and set aside the power wire. Now take the printer out of the plastic bag. Remove all of the taps from the front of the printer as well as the control panel window. Now Close the scanner lid after removing the foam-based layer by lifting the cover.


Step-2 Make the necessary cable connections and preferences.

To begin, connect one end of the power line to the printer’s back and the other end to a wall outlet. Your printer will now start (turn ON) on its own. Then, from the printer control panel, pick your desired language and confirm. After that, you must choose your nation and then confirm your selection.


Step-3 Ink cartridges are installed.

To begin, open your printer’s front door and lift the cartridge access door. Remove the plastic insert when the carriage is idle or quiet. Now remove the cartridges from the packaging and unroll them. Next, pull the tab from the plastic tab on the black cartridge to reveal the vent slot. Hold the cartridge by its sides and twist the cap to remove it; you may need to use a lot of force. To avoid clogs, ink failure, and improper electrical connections, do not touch the ink port or metal contacts. Match the letter and colour of the cartridge to the carriage’s matching slot. After that, slip the cartridge into the slot while holding it by its sides.


Step-4 Place a stack of papers in the input tray.

The primary paper tray must first be slid out. Remove the cardboard constraint and tape after that. Place the paper guidelines at the top of the stack. After then, fill the stack with regular A4 paper. Make sure the paper stack is pushed all the way into the tray. Now adjust the paper guides so that they are in contact with the stack of papers. If a notice appears on the control panel screen, slide in the paper tray and then tap OK.


Step-5 An alignment page should be printed and scanned.

Firstly, remove the output tray by sliding it out. An alignment page will now print on its own. Before you start printing papers, make sure you scan the alignment page. So, open the scanner lid and set the paper on the scanner glass, print side down. For optimal positioning, please refer to the scan instructions. Now close the scanner lid and then press the Scan button. When the message “Alignment Successful” shows on the screen, press OK to finish the hardware setup or installation.


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How to do Wireless Printer Setup with HP Smart App

Through this blog, you will learn how to connect your printer to wifi with the help of the HP smart app.

Note: Almost all the wireless printers manufactured in the year 2010 and later are compatible with HP smart app.

Download, install and run the HP Smart app

  • Firstly download the HP Smart app for Windows or Mac platform from their respective online store.
  • You need to create a new HP account to reach all printer services if using it first time on your device.
  • Otherwise, you can sign in with your HP login details.
  • Make sure your Mac or Windows 10 based computer or laptop and Android, iOS, iPadOS based smartphone, or tablet connect to your local wifi network.
  • Ensure the strong strength of network signals for the setup process.
  • You need to place the printer near the Wi-Fi router during the setup process.
  • Now turn ON your HP printer.
  • Next, you need to open the HP Smart app and click on the plus (+) sign to add your printer to wifi.
  • Now click on the HP printer setup button on the HP smart app.
  • Next, it will ask you to enter the Wi-Fi password of your router that is the WEP or WPA key.
  • Now HP smart app will begin the connection process between the printer and the local wifi network.
  • Next, you are suggested to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  • Finally, click on the exit button when your hp printer is connected to the wifi.

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