Looking for instructions for Brother printer wireless setup with your wifi network? Then read along for end-to-end assistance with this article.

General instruction for Brother wireless setup

Before starting with the Brother Printer wireless setup, you have to collect and made some prior arrangements for a seamless wireless connection setup. First, make a note of the network name (SSID). Then the network key (password). Find them on the side description of the access point or the router. If you can’t find it there, check the documentation that came along with the router.

  1. Initially take your power cord and connect it with the wall socket and Brother Printer
  2. Now turn on your printer
  3. Then press the menu button from the printer control panel
  4. Use the navigation button to choose the Network option and click ok
  5. In the following page use the navigation button to choose the WLAN option and click ok
  6. Again use the navigation button to choose the Setup Wizard  option and click ok
  7. In the upcoming WLAN Enable? The message, choose Yes

This will enable the wireless network and start the wireless setup wizard. Now you can see that your Brother printer begins to search for networks and lists the available network. Choose your network and press ok. If the process is complete you can get a connected message. If not the machine will print a wireless connection report. Check the error code and troubleshoot the issue.

Quick steps for Brother device wireless setup with Wireless Direct method

Don’t have a Wi-Fi access point/router still wishing for a wireless connection for your printer? Then Wireless Direct method is for you where you don’t need a router since your printer will act as a Wi-Fi access point/router.

Next you have to confirm the wireless settings to proceed with the wireless setup.


For windows PC,

  • Initially connect the printer and the computer with the USB cable
  • Then from your computer open the Printer Setting Tool
  • Next click the Communication Settings button
  • Now in the general tab, make sure Wireless Direct is chosen in the Selected Interface

For Mac PC,

  • First connect the printer and the computer with the USB cable
  • Then from your computer open the Printer Setting Tool
  • Next in the Wireless LAN tab, make sure the WirelessDirect option is turned on

Proceeding with Wireless Direct method,

  • Initially press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 2 seconds
  • Keep in mind pressing more than 5 seconds will make your printer enter the WPS method
  • This will make the Wireless Direct mode fail
  • Then from the computer or device that you are wishing to connect enter your printer’s SSID
  • On the connection establishment you will see a steady blue light

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