Why My HP Printer Printing Random Characters?

If you think your HP printer has gone crazy or HP printer printing gibberish text or weird symbols then this article is for you. It is not a ghost event but a technical glitch that can be solved with proper assistance.

Solutions for solving HP printer printing gibberish text issue

Solution-1 Download HP print and scan doctor

Find the HP print and scan doctor application specifically designed for any HP printer. Downloading and installing them in your system can automatically help you find and solve the existing issue.

Solution-2 Look for the HP printer cartridges

Next thing is to check those cartridges. Always use genuine HP cartridges. Open the front door and take the cartridges out. Look for any tear, leaks and broken pieces. On any damage replace them with new one. If not clean the drum and cartridges before placing them back into its position.

Solution-3 Change the HP printer connection and position

  • Remove any surge protector or any connector for the printer
  • Connect the printer directly to the wall outlet
  • Don’t place the printer ear air conditioner, highly humid or dry place
  • Check the cables for any damages and cuts
  • Make sure the USB cable is connected firmly inside the printer and the wall outlet
  • Also try replacing the USB cable and the wall outlet

Solution-4 Reset the HP printer

Make sure that your printer is turned on. Then press and hold the power button for few seconds. Now reconnect the power cord back to the printer.

Solution-5 Stop and remove any print job

  • Tap on the start button on the windows computer
  • Then choose control panel
  • Select Hardware and Sound
  • Choose View Devices and printers option
  • Then tap on the printer icon and choose See What’s Printing option
  • In the following page you can choose the ongoing print jobs and click cancel
  • Choose ok to confirm the process

Solution-6 Check the printer default settings

  • Tap on the start button on the windows computer
  • Then choose control panel
  • Select Devices and printers option
  • In the following page search for your printer name
  • If the printer has a tick mark near it, then your printer is set as a default one
  • If not, right-click on the printer and choose Set as Default Printer option

Solution-7 Analyze the network configuration page

  • Initially navigate to the HP printer home page
  • Enter you printer model number along with the name in the Find my product and get support search box
  • Then enter Network Configuration Page in the keyword search box
  • Now tap on the enter button
  • You can analyze the Network Configuration Page for weird text

We hope this article has helped you solve your weird, crazy and gibberish text printing issue.

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Why My HP Printer Web Services Not Working Properly?

The printer not getting connected may not always a simple issue. The user has to check some potential solution apart from resetting printer and other simple steps. In this article we will share some of the potential reasons along with the solutions to solve your HP printer cannot connect to web services issue.

Turn on web services

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, let us turn on the web service for your HP printer since a proper turning on of the web service can solve many of our issues.

  • Initially make sure that your printer is connected with an active internet connection on a wired or wireless network.
  • For wired connection, make sure the green link light is steady and the orange light is blinking.
  • In case of wireless network, the wireless feature is on and the blue light is steady without blinking.
  • Next from your printer control panel, press the HP ePrint icon.
  • Then choose the Wireless settings.
  • In the following web services menu, if you see a summary screen then the web services are on.
  • If you are prompted to turn on the web service then follow the onscreen instructions to turn it on.

Troubleshooting error messages received during turning on web services

Follow the below steps to solve HP printer cannot connect to web services issue.

  • Initially restart your printer, router, and the system connected to the printer.
  • Then make sure the printer is connected to an active internet connection through a wired or wireless setup.
  • For a wired connection the steady internet connection can be identified by the blinking orange light and steady green light.
  • For a wireless connection the blue light of the printer must be steady.
  • Next make sure the printer and router are in proximity no closer than 6 feet.
  • Then check and make sure that your router has operating bandwidth of 4GHz.
  • Then remove any device that emit electromagnetic signal which may distract the Wi-Fi signals.
  • Next check the proxy settings.
  • Also updating the printer firmware can also solve HP printer cannot connect to web services.
  • Keep in mind the outdated router firmware can also cause security, performance and connectivity issue.
  • So make sure to update the router firmware.
  • Then try restoring the factory defaults, for that follow the below steps.
    • From the printer control panel tap on the setup icon.
    • Then choose printer maintenance.
    • Tap on restore button.
    • Next choose restore factory defaults.
    • Now click continue to finish the factory default restoration process.

We hope that this article on HP printer cannot connect to web services has helped you resolve your issues and get back your printer on a working condition. In case of further queries and doubts on HP web services not working issue then read our other effective HP printer solutions.

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