How to Use HP Print and Scan Doctor App to Fix Printer?

Are you looking for a troubleshooting app for your HP printer? Then HP Print and Scan Doctor App must be a great option for all your requirements. A free tool available for Windows OS that helps resolves most of your printing problems. In this blog we will dive deep into the aspects and features of the HP Print and Scan Doctor App in detail.

HP Print and Scan Doctor (Windows)

In this section, we will look into the steps/procedure for HP Print and Scan Doctor to solve all those common printing and scanning problem that exist in your HP Printer. This can solve issues such as printer offline, corrupted printer driver; scan error, print job stuck in printer, and wireless/wired connectivity error.

Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor

Initially, you have to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor in your computer that is connected to your printer. Now turn on your printer and make sure it is having enough ink and paper in it. Now navigate to the HP official site and download HP Print and Scan Doctor app. Then Follow the instruction to complete the installation process.

Start with the application

Once installed, open the application. From the welcome screen, tap on the start button to locate your printer. In the upcoming screen, click on either the fix printing or fix scanning button.

Things you should know to review the result

While using HP Print and Scan Doctor, you must know some of the signs and reviews. Below are the result to know about the working and the result of the app.

  • A cross mark indicates an issue. You must follow the following instruction to solve the issue
  • An exclamatory sign shows that there is some attention required with any case, but you have skipped it without acknowledgement
  • A spanner indicates there is an issue found but it is automatically resolved with HP Print and Scan Doctor
  • A green tick mark represents everything is fine and your printer has passed the test

Troubleshooting HP Printer issues with HP Print and Scan Doctor

How to reset HP Printer?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Reset option
  • This will reset your printer’s hardware or memory

How to open the HP printer’s web settings?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Open Printer Web Pageoption
  • This will help you access the Embedded Web Server to see the printer settings

How to check HP Instant Ink account status, ePrint along with printer app status?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Web Servicesoption
  • This will help you view ePrint cloud printing account information
  • You can also check Instant Ink registration status
  • Then click Print ePrint Instruction Page to get your printer claim code

How to get your HP printer hardware and software information?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Advanced Printer Data option
  • This will help you view locate the serial number
  • You can also check firmware version, software info, warranty status
  • And along with that you can find the information about the HP Printer’s print head

How to check the ink and toner cartridge levels along with its information?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Supply Levels option
  • This will help you find numbers of toner and ink cartridges
  • You can also check the warranty status and installation status

How align the print heads and clean the print heads of your HP printer?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Printer Services option
  • This will automatically clean your Printheads and followed by the Printheads alignment process

How to find and access the router settings?

  • Initially click the Network option
  • Then in the following page tap on the Open Router Web Page option
  • This will help you view your internet name and password
  • You can also change the network credentials in this page

How to troubleshoot and fix firewall-related issues?

  • Initially click the Network option
  • Then in the following page tap on the Troubleshooting Firewalls option
  • Now follow the upcoming guidelines or instructions to solve the firewall issues that you are experiencing with your HP printer

How to check and find the network information along with its status?

  • Initially click the Network option
  • Then in the following page tap on the Show Advanced Info option
  • This will help you print an information review the IP address, Internet status, signal strength, and security types
  • If there is a list of network signal available, you can click on the Show Wireless Info option, to view the network key

How to print an information report?

  • Initially click the Printer
  • Then in the following page tap on the Printer Services option
  • This will help you print an information report
  • Always keep in mind you should load your printer with enough ink and paper to start the printing process
  • If there is no enough paper the printer couldn’t print the information report

HP Print and Scan Doctor (Mac)

As for now the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Mac OS is not built and not available.

We hope this blog has been really helpful for you throughout your tough situation handling the print and scan issues with our HP printer.

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How to Fix HP Printer Incomplete Setup Error?

Most of the HP users have came across this HP printer setup incomplete error even when you have completed the HP printer setup. If you are also  one among them undergoing this error, this article is for you. We will curate a detailed list of troubleshooting tips for you to overcome this issue with ease. Read along to know more.

Start off with finding the error type

Based on the displayed error code in the printer control panel, the error varies. For example, UA_200_OWSVD00001 conveys the  HP printer registration error error, UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 conveys the HP printer incomplete setup error. If you receive the incomplete error message, you have  to complete the setup in case of registration issue, continue with the troubleshooting.

Then try resetting the printer

If it is a minor connection or the hardware issue, resetting the printer can help you resolve the HP printer registration error issue

  • To perform this, turn off your HP Printer
  • Then remove the power cord from the computer
  • Remove the power cord from the wall outlet too.
  • Wait for a minute or two
  • Now reconnect the power cord directly to the wall outlet

Keep in mind HP advises to connect  your printer directly to the wall outlet. Connecting the printer through surge protector can cause power fluctuation and improper supply which can hinder the normal printer working process.

Now, check your printer status with HP smart

  • Wait for the printer to complete the reset process
  • After that open the HP smart in your device
  • Now check the status of your printer
  • If you see ready to print option displayed with a green tick then your printer is ready to print
  • If it prompts to complete the printer setup, go ahead and complete the setup process
  • On the other hand, if you see the error you need to continue with the troubleshooting process

Reset the printer factory settings

You can reset the printer factory setting by signing in to the HP Smart website account. Follow the below steps for the sign in process.

  • From your computer or the mobile device, navigate to
  • Analyze the information displayed on the dashboard display
  • If you don’t find your printer name in the list,you have to complete the printer reset process
  • In case if you find the standard dashboard, you can move on to the next troubleshooting step

Steps to reset your HP printer to its default factory settings

Before starting with the resetting the printer settings will completely get erased which cant be reversed at any cost. We will comprise the resetting process based on printer with and without touchscreen panel.

  • For printers with touchscreen, click on the setup icon
  • Then in the following screen, choose Printer Maintenance option
  • From the upcoming screen, select Restore and choose Restore Factory Default option
  • If you see a confirmation message in the control panel, click continue option
  • Wait for the printer to complete the reset process and continue with the upcoming process
  • For printers without touchscreen panel, you have to access the printer settings from the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
  • Open your HP Smart app and navigate to the printer settings
  • In the upcoming screen,select the Advanced Settings option and choose tools option
  • This will open the EWS page
  • If this doesn’t open the EWS, you can print a Network Configuration or Printer Information page
  • Press the information button on your printer control panel to print the Network Configuration page
  • Note down the IP address and enter it in the browser of your choice
  • This will open up the EWS page of your printer
  • From the EWS page, navigate to the settings tab and choose Restore Defaults or Services option
  • In the following page choose Restore Factory Defaults and tap on the Restore Factory Defaults button

Wait for the printer to complete the rest process and continue with the troubleshooting process.

Follow the guidelines to setup the printer online

  • Initially, download and install the HP Smart app from the HP official site
  • Then open the application to choose, skip for now if the home screen of the application asks to add printer
  • To access the HP Smart features, you can hit on the sign-in button
  • Simply follow the on screen guidelines to find the verification code if any prompt ask you for it
  • Then you can click on the set up a new printer option if you need to connect with the new or existing system

Now if you have a printer without the touchscreen control panel, you can click on the info button. In case of touchscreen control panel, you can click on the check mark button.If you still face any difficulties with the printer setup process, you can restart your HP smart app. Once restarted, you can the printer fresh in the application. And continue to finish the printer setup process. This will efficiently help you fix the two of the issue that we have discussed in the blog called the HP printer incomplete setup error and the HP printer registration error.

End it with service

If none of the above steps have helped you with solving the issue, it is time for your printer to have some professional service which can be offered by HP. On having warranty and guarantee that is within the stipulated period can help you with this process.

While configuring many of us may undergo a lot of confusions as a first time HP printer user or the person with little to no technical knowledge. It is ok to have errors and there are a lot help found to help you out of the mess. And our blog is one among them assisting you to over come the incomplete setup error.

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Why Does My HP Printer Always Says Alignment Failed?

Are you one of them trying to print from HP printer and receive the HP Printer alignment failed message? Then this blog is for you. A printer may reflect the alignment error because of many a reason but mostly ink cartridges are the one to blame.

The ink cartridges may not be of genuine version or it may not insert properly or the ink may be leaking from them or the ink nozzle may be broken or the copper contacts are moved from its place causing a poor electrical connection resulting in the printing issues with the HP printer.

Whatever may be the reason, we will curate a detailed list of the possible reason along with the troubleshooting ideas that would help you get over the HP printer alignment failed attempts.

Initially reset the printer

In case if your printer is suffering from minor connection, jerk, or any printer failure, performing a reset function can help it overcome them without much hassle.

  • With the printer still turned on, pull out the power cord from the printer
  • Then also make sure to remove the power plug from the wall outlet
  • Now wait for a minute or two
  • Then again reconnect the power cord to the printer and the power outlet
  • In case if you have a battery printer, simply remove, and replace it once to complete the rest the process               

Try performing an alignment process

In case if you are inserting the new ink cartridges or replacing the damaged with new cartridges, you must perform the alignment process for an improved print quality.

  • Initially load the clean white paper in your printer
  • Then use the paper width guide to adjust the paper position inside the paper tray
  • For printer with touchscreen, navigate to tools and select Align cartridges or Print an Alignment Page option
  • In case of HP Utility app for Mac user, choose the option that align the print heads and the cartridges
  • For HP Printer Assistant in the Windows, choose Maintain Your Printer option and choose align print head option that would help you clear the alignment unsuccessful issue.

Then check the ink levels of your HP printer ink cartridges

Sometimes the low ink supply or any issues with ink flow may be the whole reason behind the HP printer alignment unsuccessful issue. Make sure to check the ink levels and the working condition before taking any decision. The low ink level can cause a poor print quality.

  • For the printer with control panel display, look for the ink drop symbol, ink levels or the cartridge icon
  • In case having the HP smart app, open it
  • Then from the home screen of the app, check the estimated ink levels display
  • In case of HP printer software and click on the Supplies or Ink Levels option
  • For the ink tank printers, you can check the ink level by checking the line on the tanks
  • The printers such as Ink Tank, Smart Tank, DeskJet GT printers will display low ink message if they ran out of ink
  • If it is not refillable you have to replace them or you can refill enough ink to them
  • Make sure to use HP genuine products from its online store

Now clean the HP printer ink cartridges clean and clear

When you see unwanted lines, streaks, and smudges with color leaks, you have to clean your HP printer print heads. You can use a cleaning software or print head and cartridge cleaning tool to perform the cleaning service.

  • For printers with touchscreen navigate to settings
  • Then choose setup and find an option for cleaning the cartridges and the print heads
  • If you have HP Smart app, open the application Choose your printer name
  • Then select Print Quality Tools and select the print head or cartridge cleaning option
  • In case of HP Printer Assistant in Windows, tap on the Maintain Your Printer option
  • In the following choose the option to clean your print heads or cartridges
  • In case of HP Utility in Mac, tap on the clean the print heads or cartridges option
  • Once done with cleaning, print a page to check the print quality
  • If the quality is not acceptable you might need to perform those steps again
  • Based on the print quality, you have to perform the cleaning until the quality become satisfied

If possible, replace the damaged with the brand new ink cartridges

Check the printed alignment page. If it contains a lot of defects, missing color, and twists, it conveys that your printer’s sensor inside the printer were damaged. This also conveys that your print heads and the cartridges are damaged. Always make sure to replace your print heads with genuine products from HP store. Using the third-rated products can cause irreversible damage to your printer.

Finally, it’s time for a service to your printer:

If you have tried every mentioned step to troubleshoot the HP Printer alignment failed issue and still facing the same then it is time to contact the HP customer support for a quick service to find what is really going on with your printer. In case if you have the guarantee and warranty take them with you to claim them.

The proper alignment is necessary for any printer’s proper printing function. Once the misalignment shows in your printer your output quality begins to fade. So it is always to keep a check on your paper and the ink cartridges.

To prevent this type of Printer alignment failed issues, perform a regular inspection, and make sure to use genuine products of HP printer. We hope this blog has really been a eye opener towards the alignment unsuccessful issue.

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