Having issues with quality of fax? There are simple steps and adjustments you can make to the settings of fax in the sending and the receiving fax machines to receive a perfect quality fax.

Simple steps to improve fax quality on HP printer

Start with cleaning the physical parts

Initially it’s better to look and eliminate any physical hindrances seen with the printer parts. For that turn off your printer and remove all the connected cords. Open the scanner lid and use lint-free, soft cloth to clean the surface. You can use a distilled water spray to wipe off any dust/debris sediment on the scanner surface.

Then go with software elements

Make sure you are using the updated and latest version of the printer driver software. Navigate to the HP official home page and tap on the HP Software and Driver Downloads where you can check and download the recent firmware updates if available.

Now adjust few technical specifications

Try reducing the fax transmission speed that can probably improve the fax quality on hp printer. For that, from the printer control panel, tap on the Basic Fax Settings followed by Advanced Fax Settings. Then choose speed and select slow.

Set auto retransmission for improved quality

Turning on the Error Correction Mode (ECM) assists in auto detection of unacceptable quality and requests another copy. To turn on ECM, from your printer control panel, tap on the Basic Fax Settings, then Advanced Fax Setting. From the following page, choose Error Correction Mode. Finally make sure the ECM is turned on.

Reset and service the printer

While your printer is still turned on, remover the power cables from the printer. Wait for a minute before turning on your printer. This process will reset your hp printer. If none of the above steps helps you improve fax quality on hp printer, you can contact hp customer support who can give appropriate advice on the ongoing issue.

Document format and design properties for high quality fax

Always look for the document format, properties and the design elements like font size, colors and brightness before starting the fax sending/receiving process to improve fax quality on hp printer.

  • The Standard quality for portrait layout should be 1728 pixels wide and 1100 pixels vertically for standard quality
  • For High quality the resolution must range from 1728 pixels wide and 2200 pixels vertically.
  • Make sure the fonts are in pure black on a pure white background
  • Always prefer sans-serif over Arial fonts. Also you can choose much softer and rounded fonts like Calibri or Verdana on a scale of 10
  • Keep in mind black or grey images render with high quality on comparing with the color images

Troubleshooting fax machine to work with HP printer

We will consolidate few of the quick steps that you can perform, if you face any faxing issue on HP printer.

  • Initially check your phone line
  • Call the fax number to check if the receiving end is working without any issues
  • Try removing any other devices connected to the fax line
  • Always use the fax cord shipped along with the printer
  • Before faxing check your physical fax setup.

We hope this article helps you find the faxing issue and provides you with instruction on improving the fax quality.

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